SECTION 2: Family members

    SECTION 3: Next of Kin Details

    SECTION 4:
    Please make an initial contribution of £150 to SOOCH FAMILY FUNERAL SERVICE, and start a direct debit of £120 from next year.

    Bank account details
    Bank: Virgin Money
    Account name: Sooch
    Sort code: 050200
    Account number: 29914417

    SECTION 5 – Declaration
    1. I agree to SOOCH FAMILY FUNERAL SERVICE administering a Funeral Savings Plan on my behalf and agree to the following:
    2. That I will instruct my bank to make annual contributions to SOOCH FAMILY FUNERAL SERVICE, subject to a minimum payment of £120 each time.
    3. Agree that upon death, the burial and funeral costs applicable at that time will be applied. Any shortfall will need to be covered by the SOOCH FAMILY FUNERAL SERVICE members which can be adjusted later.
    4. I agree for SOOCH FAMILY FUNERAL SERVICE to undertake and deal with the funeral and burial arrangements at one of the local council burial sites.
    5. I agree that should space not be available at the time at one of the local council cemeteries, for SOOCH FAMILY FUNERAL SERVICE to take responsibility to ensure that my funeral will be conducted in, accordance with Shariah and the burial will be undertaken at the most appropriate burial site available at the time.
    6. I agree to notify my bank of standing order cancellation to meet to maximum fund limit.
    7. I agree to provide original identification (Passport or Photo Driving License) for myself and next of kind for record purposes.
    8. I understand that the burial & and funeral service will be managed by SOOCH FAMILY FUNERAL SERVICE.
    9. I confirm that the information contained herein and/or statements made are true to the best of my knowledge and authorise the SOOCH to hold personal data supplied on this form in accordance with the provisions of the Data Protection Act 1998.
    10. I solemnly confirm the applicant is a Muslim and believed in the:
    • Oneness of Allah
    • Absolute finality of the prophethood of Muhammad ( صلى الله عليه وسلم) i.e. no Prophet of any category will be born after Prophet Muhammad ( صلى الله عليه وسلم)
    • Unreservedly accept the authority of the Quran and Sunnah.

    Right to cancel or not accept:

    1. I agree that either party have a right to cancel this payment plan, with one month’s written notice, providing that good reasons are given.
    2. Any amount of money owed to me, having deducted any reasonable administrative costs, will be returned to me.
    3. I understand that SOOCH FAMILY FUNERAL SERVICE has the exclusive right not to accept a plan where it gives good reasons not to do so.
    4. I confirm that I have read the detailed Rules and Regulations for the Cemetery & the Funeral Saving Plan and agree to abide by them.
    5. I am the applicant or have the authority from the applicant to arrange the Funeral Saving Plan.