Many community members and immigrants living in the UK worry about saving for their own and loved one’s funeral and burial costs. The funeral cost in UK is around £3500* which may not be possible for certain community members to arrange at times, therefore, SOOCH offers a community members funeral savings plan, to allow anyone concerned to save for these costs. The plan operates as follows:

  • SOOCH FAMILY FUNERAL SERVICE will cover the husband/wife and childrens under 18 year old
  • Members can join SOOCH FAMILY FUNERAL SERVICE by completing the registraion form
  • Setting up direct debit of £120 per year, which needs to be paid first at time of registration our bank details;

Bank: Virgin Money
Account name: Sooch
Sort code: 050200
Account number: 29914417

  • As a member of SOOCH FAMILY FUNERAL SERVICE we may ask your help if needed in arranging a funeral of another member
  • Upon death, the burial and funeral costs applicable at that time will be applied. Any shortfall will need to be covered by the SOOCH FAMILY FUNERAL SERVICE members which can be adjust later
  • In january each year SOOCH FAMILY FUNERAL SERVICE committe will issue a statement showing savings held to date at the end of the December month just ended
  • SOOCH FAMILY FUNERAL SERVICE undertake to deal with the funeral and burial arrangements at local council burial sites. SOOCH FAMILY FUNERAL SERVICE take responsibility to ensure that the funeral will be conducted in accordance with Sharia and burial will be undertaken at the most appropriate burial site available at the time
  • SOOCH FAMILY FUNERAL SERVICE is appropriate for saving for funeral and burial costs in the UK